Department of Trauma and Neuro Surgery Centre:-

BIMR Neuro Surgery Centre well equipped with State of Art:-

1. LYCA F-20 Advanced Microscope.

2. Medtronic High Speed Drill System.

3. Endoscopic Surgeries.

Doctors Team :

Dr. Animesh Upadhyay

M.B.B.S., D.N.B (Neuro Surgery)

BIMR Neuro Centre:-
Neuro Surgeries Facilities:-

1. 24 Hrs Neuro Trauma Services.

2. Spinal Surgeries -

2a. Degenerated Spine. 2b. Traumatic Fractures.

3. Brain Tumor - Microscopic Assisted.

4. Pediatric Neuro Surgery -

Doctors Team

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